"Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened."

Dr  Seuss

Silent Tears - my personal journey.

I've decided to give writing a go.  Not sure how long it will last or how great the content will be but I'm now ready to share my story.  To  my friends and family, some of this will be new whereas other parts have already been well documented.

 I'm writing this retrospectively so it is highly likely that some areas I will skim over and others will be written in more depth.  Either way, I hope it is an interesting read. 

I've tried to put my story into chapters to give it some structure, please view the different chapters via the menu bar.

Comments are welcome and please feel free to share.   I'm writing this not only for my children so they can understand what happened and perhaps why they are who they are.  I also hope it may help those who are going through a similar situation.