I have found writing very therapeutic and helps me release the grief that is hidden inside.  My life partner is no longer in my life and as with anyone, there are times when I need to talk and express my feelings.  I do not feel comfortable blurting out my emotions and have found a certain comfort in writing them down, either in this blog or in poetry.   

Below are some of my favourites.


I Miss You

I miss you in the morning

I miss you late at night.

I miss you when the kids are good

And when they put up a fight.


I miss the fact there's no one there

When I come home after work

To chat about the day I've had

Or that customer who was a jerk.


I miss the future we planned to have

And the memories still not made

Like you walking our daughter down the aisle

Or watching our son get the top grade.


I miss so much about our lives

That it's hard for me to say

But what I'm really trying to get across

Is that I miss you every second, every minute of every day.

Daddy Star.

" Twinkle, Twinkle, Daddy Star.  Daddy lives in Heaven way a way far.

But look up in the sky, he shines so bright. He's always right beside you day and night.

Twinkle, Twinkle Daddy star.  Daddy always love you, wherever you are."